The Alliance for Digital Pathology

The Alliance for Digital Pathology is a collaborative and voluntary group interested in the evolution of regulatory science as it appliesto digital pathology. We seek participation from all stakeholders(industry, vendors, academic medical centers, patient advocates, regulatory bodies, associations etc) to come together and identify key elements necessary to move the field of digital pathology forward.

The purpose of the Alliance is to accomplish concrete practical deliverables and relevant strategic aims in order to sustain and expand the existing collaborative infrastructure.

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Key Dates

We want to change things. The Alliance moves very fast. We have regular meetings. Want to join?

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Your Questions

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a forum of domain experts to run your questions by? Some projects require collaboration and benefit largely from joint efforts. Interested?

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Conceptualized in June 2019, we have some small but notable accomplishments. Please see below. Are these of interest to you?

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Balancing Act

We are looking for you. If you made it here, something worked. Do you want to contribute?


Interested in getting personally involved or updated?

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